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Urban Woodcraft is a manufacturer and distributor of classic-contemporary home furniture.

Our collections include dining tables, chairs, buffets, side tables, beds, dressers, coffee tables, bookshelves, mirrors, storage cabinet and chests, all of which are handcrafted from the best materials.

Few collections are made out of salvaged Teak wood, reclaimed from 80 to 100 years old houses and factories, We also use Rubber wood. Mango wood and Mahogany for few of our other collections. The furniture is available in a vairety of finishes. They can be best described as natural, distressed, infinished, salvaged, reclaimed, rustic or even hand-painted.

The naturally occuring characteristics makes our furniture unique, while its simple design make it functional in almost any space. Our eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing process is something we are very proud of. Construction methods include dovetail and mortise and tenon joinery. UW furniture has a very ‘comfortable’ feel, providing a sense of warmth to any room. The pieces are timeles and we guarantee our workmanship.

Browse our website by an individual item, a room or go through the various collections. Our product specialists are on call to assist you with any questions or even help you design your space.