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Handles & Door Pulls

Barn + Door | Handles / Door Pull Installation Instructions

Our Handles

Our mission at Barn + Door has always been is to provide you with the easiest experience in getting exactly what you want when crafting your perfect entryway. Urban, modern or rustic, we’ve found that even though our Barn Doors have all been designed to open using the handcrafted solid wood paneling,  some people still want to install a handle for a smooth experience and contemporary feel. That’s why we’ve designed six custom handles. All of our door pulls have been perfectly measured and cut from solid steel to match the doors in our online store. Each handle also includes a ready to install instruction sheet making it as easy as it’s ever been to attach your door pull to your Barn Door. View our original and custom handles below, and add one to your order today to get make your opening easier to open.

Picking a Door Pull

All of the handles at Barn + Door have been perfectly crafted to match the designs of our signature Barn Door hardware. With six unique handle designs, we’ve made it as easy as it’s ever been to pick a handle for any style. We suggest picking a handle that matches the same colour of the hardware that you’ve chosen to accompany your door. The only door where we only recommend that you pick a stainless steel handle is our London Mirror Barn Door. This Barn Door has specialty built hardware to match it’s unique beveled mirror design, which is only available in stainless steel. Besides this door, all door pulls are perfectly matched to the hardware that you choose for them. Customizing your door has never been easier.

Barn + Door BA01311 Barn Door Handles
Barn + Door BA016 Barn Door Handle
Barn + Door | Handle / Door Pull UWC-SBA014
Barn + Door | Handle / Door Pull UWC-SBA016
Barn + Door BA015 Barn Door Handle
Barn + Door BA014 Barn Door Handle