2104 Hwy 7, Units #12-14, Concord, ON L4K 2S9

Order Fulfillment, Shipping & Delivery Policy


Order Fulfillment, Shipping & Delivery Policy


Please note that by purchasing products from Barn + Door on barnanddoor.ca, you subscribe to and oblige by the following legal agreement between Barn + Door (AKA barnanddoor.ca AKA The Company), and You (AKA, the purchaser, the customer, the buyer). If you do not agree with these terms, please contact info@barnanddoor.ca to arrange a delivery with special instructions.

Free Shipping

Here at Barn + Door, all items purchased from barnanddoor.ca have free shipping.


Your order will be fulfilled at our warehouse in Vaughan, ON. at 2105 Hwy 7, Units #12-14.


All orders at Barn + Door are traceable through their appropriate carrier. Although this is the case, if you purchase a product from barnanddoor.ca you will not be emailed a PRO or tracking number by default. If you email us after your order with your name and order number, we can send you the PRO or tracking number for the order after the order has been fulfilled. You can send your email to info@barnanddoor.ca or through the form on the contact us page and someone will get back to you in approximately 24-72 hours after the message has been read. Read receipts are not enabled.

Lead Time

Kindly note that although all of our products are guaranteed to be in-stock, lead time for products ranges from 1 to 31 days. After the appropriate lead time corresponding to the product has passed, the product will be shipped with an LTL truck freight courier chosen appropriately for the area to which the product is being shipping. The lead time for products sold at barnanddoor.ca is usually 5-14 days.

Shipping Time

Shipping is paid for on the Barn + Door account, and can sometimes take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery, and even longer for remote areas. The shipping time for products sold at barnanddoor.ca is usually 3-18 days.

Delivery Window

All courier drivers are instructed to call the customer before the delivery to inform them of their window for delivery. If a customer’s missed delivery or delivery attempts results in a product sold at barnanddoor.ca to be shipped back to the warehouse located at 2104 Hwy 7 #12-14, Vaughan ON. L4K2S9, than Barn + Door will not provide free shipping to reship the product back to the purchaser. The purchaser must contact Barn + Door at info@barnanddoor.com or through the form on the contact us page to arrange to have their door shipped back to them. A refund for a returned product via missed delivery will result in the whole amount less the cost for delivery determined by Barn + Door to be returned to the purchaser.

Threshold Delivery

All deliveries and/or shipments made by any delivery, freight, parcel or LTL service company contracted by Barn + Door to fulfill the order made by the purchaser are only authorized to deliver to the threshold during the work week (ex. Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM). Any charges incurred and billed to Barn + Door, Urban Woodcraft, Kapetel Inc. or any other subsidiary associated with the company caused by weekend, morning, inside or an unauthorized delivery charge will be billed back to the purchaser. Customers are to contact Barn + Door at info@barnanddoor.com or through the form on the contact us page and obtain a letter of authority before requesting any additional services that might result in an unauthorized delivery charge.

If you have any questions regarding the policy stated above, please send inquiries to 2104 Hwy 7, #12-14, Vaughan ON. L4K2S9 or by email to info@barnanddoor.com